Female-fronted melodic metal from Switzerland – this is Dreams in Fragments. Founded at the beginning of 2017, the foursome, consisting of Seraina Schoepfer (lead vocals), Chris Geissmann (guitar, vocals), Jan Thomas (bass) and Franc Fritschi (drums) hails from the otherwise so calm town (un)known as Wangen bei Olten somewhere between Basel, Berne and Zurich. Due to its musical stylings, the band has been compared to bands such as «Nightwish» or «Delain». However, Dreams in Fragments have no reason to present themselves as a cover band of any of the greats; Seraina’s voice, operatic yet light as a feather, combined with Chris‘ growls sets the band apart in the same way the union of hard guitar riffs and dreamy orchestrations does. It is only fitting that the set list is built around the band’s own compositions such as «The Maze» and «Nightchild».


Seraina Schöpfer: vocals

Christian Geissmann: guitars, growls, orchestral arrangements

Jan Thomas: bass

Frank Fritschi: drums